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Part NumberDescriptionSize
FFS-SLABESLabel DCP ABE (small)110mm x 245mm
FFS-SLABELSLabel DCP BE (small)110mm x 245mm
FFS-SLABELLabel DCP ABE (large)125mm x 600mm
FFS-SLBELLabel DCP BE (large)125mm x 60mm
FFS-SLAFLabel Air/Foam160mm x 295mm
FFS-SLAWLabel Air/Water160mm x 295mm
FFS-SLCO2Label CO²140mm x 675mm
FFS-SLWCLabel Wet Chemical160mm x 295mm
FFS-SLUWBUniversal White Band for ABE50mm x 500mm
FFS-SLBLUEBlue Band for Air Foam50mm x 500mm
FFS-SLOATOatmeal Band for Wet Chemical50mm x 500mm