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Cryogenic LNG Coupling

Cryogenic LNG Coupling

  • lng, liquid natural gas, couplings
Description Plug for LNG20BRHE and LNG30BRHE
Material Brass
Size 3"
Weight Lb 5.2180


  • Transfer of cryogenic liquified natural gas products to transport equipment such as cargo tanks, portable tanks, and liquified natural gas liquid production facilities


  • Compatible with LNG couplings made to CGA guidelines
  • Temperature as low as-320°F (-196°C) at standard LNG transfer pressures


  • Fixed end design threads on tank truck pipe connection line, manifold, pipe outlet or pipe connection
  • Female NPT thread hose end attachment
  • Connect by hammering the acme threaded nut on the fixed end
  • PTFE gasket reduces force needed to make a tight connection
  • Snap ring keeps connection nut in place for easier connecting
  • Safe and reliable transfer of cryogenic liquified natural gas products
  • Hose end lugs intended to be struck with a non-sparking hammer or similar non-sparking device


  • Meets CGA V-6 LNG-30 guidelines




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