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FloTech Checkmate Plug-n-Play Monitors with Dual Sockets

FloTech Checkmate Plug-n-Play Monitors with Dual Sockets

Part Number FT208-390PPGST
Description Optic, 6 contact pins and 3 J Slots; Thermistor 10 contact pins and 4 J slots
Includes Grounding bolt, Pressure Sensor Switch and TIM Module
Intended Service Overfill Only
Fuel Compatability Biofuel compatible up to E100 (100% Ethanol) and B100 (100% bio diesel)
Weight Lb 13.0000


  • The reason for many overfill system breakdowns is failed or poor wiring connections. The required amperage within the overfill system is so low that any poorly wired or corroded wiring connections tend to fail (the low current cannot pass through corrosion or poor connections). To remove the possibility of wiring system problems, Dixon has introduced the FloTech Plug-N-Play system, all the wire connections are prewired and tested at the factory using high quality weather proof cables and plugs.


  • Sealed connectors pass IP67 and DIN40050 salt spray tests.


  • Prewired cables and plugs on sensors, wiring harness', onboard monitor and sockets, make it simple to install our Plug-n-Play system in much less time than conventional systems and eliminates hours of manual crimped wire connections and removes the problems and worries associated with connection problems.
  • Secure and weather tight connections all the time remove the possibility of poor wiring connections.
  • Integrated Optic and Thermistor sockets with onboard monitor all in one aluminum case
  • Takes less space than utilizing separate sockets and monitor
  • Built-in configurable high current relay output for pump or signal control
  • Color coded display shows well on trailers
  • Sockets come standard with FloTech's unique guarantee for life stainless steel wear rings
  • Includes water-tight integrated fuse holder


  • All stainless steel hardware and terminal blocks prevent corrosion

Available Options

  • Top (overfill) only monitoring, or both top (overfill) and bottom (retain) monitoring
  • Pre-wired ground bolt
  • Pre-wired pressure sensor which can be used to interlock brakes or vapor vents
  • Pre-wired TIM module
  • Pre-wired dual male pin power cord


  • Plug-n-Play system installation takes a fraction of the time to install when compared to conventional systems, just mount all the components and simply plug them all together.


  • All FloTech™ electronics manufactured after January 1, 2015 are covered by our 5 year warranty.

Repair Kits
Part # Description Includes Item # Qty
FT320 blue (optic) vinyl cap assembly
FT321 green (thermistor) vinyl cap assembly
FT9051 contact assembly for FT390/393 optic 6 pin
FT9052 contact assembly for FT390/393 thermistor 10 pin
FT9062 nose ring contact assbly, thermistor 4 J-slot, 10 pin
FT9063 nose ring contact assembly, optic 3 J-slot, 6 pin
FT9068 contact block attachment screws & washers (4 ea)



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