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FloTech Checkmate Plug-n-Play Rom Link Replacement Sensor

FloTech Checkmate Plug-n-Play Rom Link Replacement Sensor

Part Number FT151RL
Description Housing with overfill detection probe, harness, ROM link jumper cable connector
Includes 7" probe
Mandatory Pkg/Box Qty 1
Weight Lb 2.6100


  • The FT151RL is designed to replace the complete ROM Link sensor assembly.


  • Drop in replacement for Civacon ROM Link Sensors 1554-007 & 1554-0012


  • Trouble free probes: FloTech brand probes incorporate a double elastomer design which seals and secures the sensitive glass optic prism tip. The elastomer seals are flexible allowing thermal expansion and resistance to steam cleaning and petroleum chemical attack.
  • Unlike our competitors, FloTech probes do not use internal coil cord connectors which consistently fail in moisture. All FloTech Plug-n-Play probes are prewired to our harness connector, which has proven itself in moisture.
  • FloTech sensor housings have a sturdy bolt on cap to better seal out water.
  • Housing with 7" Plug-n-Play overfill detection probe, with Plug-n-Play harness and ROM link jumper cable connector
  • Includes an adapter connector to permit interchange between Civacon's ROM Link system and the FloTech FT150RL sensor


  • Aluminum housing and stainless steel hardware
  • Sensor housing contains a Plug-n-Play probe. The sensor housing has a 2" NPT mounting thread, heavy duty stainless steel hardware and FKM probe seal.
  • All screws and rings are heavy duty stainless steel for easy assembly and long life.

Available Options

  • Custom lengths available upon request


  • Simply remove the Civacon sensor housing from the manhole lid and install the FloTech FT151RL series. Plug the FT151RL into the wiring harness using our connector adapter and the change out is complete.
  • Install into either a 2" NPT threaded port or a 2-3/8" diameter tank opening using the gasket and locking nut provided.


  • All FloTech™ electronics manufactured after January 1, 2015 are covered by our 5 year warranty.


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