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Residential Sprinkler Control Cabinets

Residential Sprinkler Control Cabinets

Part Number FFS-RSCC


  • Pressure tested to 2100 kPa


  • Security Lockable cabinet door is fitted with a 003 Fire Industry common key and break glass key holder. Service book holder incorporated in door.
  • Provision for six spare sprinkler heads with cabinet


  • Main Stop Valve: Bronze Monitored DN50 (fivalco UL-FM approved)
  • Check Valve: DN50 Soft Seat check valve- epoxy coated ductile iron
  • Test & Drain Valve: Lockable- complete with 003 padlock
  • Flow Switch: Potter Model UL FM approved
  • Pipe Work: Galvanized roll grooved pipe to AS4118 2.1


  • The incoming and outgoing pipe connections are DN50 (60.3mm OD) roll grooved mechanical couplings. Various adaptors are available to connect to different pipe sizes and pipe types.
  • The cabinet can be fitted between the wall studs or surface mounted.
  • The authority having jurisdiction may require the cabinet to be located in a highly visible position.
  • Water pressure and flow rates should be confirmed as adequate.
  • The test and drain line must be piped to waste. Electrical connections to be installed and tested by authorised personnel.


  • Each Section can be dismantled by authorised service personnel should any service be required. Components requiring service can be removed and replaced or serviced on site.
  • Advise the local authority that the system is being shut down for servicing
  • Dismantling of electrical connections should be performed by qualified personnel
  • Shut down water supply from my supply
  • Shut down monitored valve from cabinet. Dismantle the roll groove coupling or the mechanical tee to test and drain. The couplings can be re-used take care when removing.
  • Drain down water from system at test and drain valve.
  • Alternative: Complete cabinet can be removed.


  • All components are available and can be supplied ex-stock.


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