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DQC W-Series Wingstyle Interchange Female Coupler

DQC W-Series Wingstyle Interchange Female Coupler

Part Number 8WF8
Material Steel
Thread Female NPTF
Thread Size 1"- 11-1/2
Maximum OD 4.49" (114.0 mm)
Body Size 1"
Hex 1-15/32"
Length 3.33" (84.6 mm)
Maximum Operating Pressure 4,000 PSI (276 Bar)
Burst Pressure 16,000 PSI (1,103 Bar)
Temperature Range -40°F to +250°F (-40°C to +121°C)
Optional Pkg/Box Qty 1
Weight Lb 1.9300


  • Designed for applications requiring a coupling that can be connected under residual pressure with minimum spillage and air inclusion. Widely used on dump trailer wet-line hydraulic systems and oil field equipment. Not recommended for continuous hydraulic impulse applications.



  • Full Hex- Ease of Installation
  • Compact Body Profile- Reduction of Side-Load Stress
  • Hybrid Valve Guide- Improved Flow & Pressure Performance
  • Anti-Extrusion Seal-Pack- Superior Longevity
  • Bonded Flange Valve- Improved Pressurized Connection Service


  • Machined components are manufactured using solid bar stock
  • Stainless steel retaining rings and springs maximize corrosion resistance and extend service life.
  • Steel componentry is plated using ROHS Compliant Trivalent Chrome.
  • Rugged steel wing nut for threaded connect and disconnect operation.
  • Nitrile (Buna-N) seals are standard
  • Main coupler valve has a bonded face-seal to improve seal integrity during pressurized connection/disconnection.
  • Redundant O-Ring on the coupler body will engage nipple for secondary sealing support.
  • Couplings have a TPC-EPT back-up ring on the valve sleeve to extend service life.
  • Coupling has a PTFE back-up ring on the valve sleeve to extend service life.

Compatibility & Interchange Data

  • Aeroquip 5100-Series, Parker 6100-Series
  • Snap-Tite 78-Series, Faster Series-FB, Safeway S51-Series

Safety notes

  • Although wingstyle couplings are able to connect and disconnect while under pressure, it is recommended that hydraulic power supply be de-energized during connection to ensure operator safety. If it is not possible to de-energize the circuit, operators must be aware of their surroundings to ensure that an attachment or tool does not put them at risk, once hydraulic power is applied during the connection process.
  • W-series couplings are not recommended for continuous hydraulic impulse applications at rated pressures.

Repair Kits
Part # Description Includes Item # Qty
8W-RKIT-V2 Bonded Valve, Nitrile O-rings, and Hytrel Backup

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