Introducing our NEW 6mm Galvanised Chain, Wire Rope and D Shackles

Aug. 17, 2023

Working in the demanding underground mining sector, you understand the importance of resilient and reliable equipment. We're here to equip your operations with superior heavy-duty mining tools designed to withstand the harshest of conditions. Our range includes D shackles, galvanised chains, and wire ropes, all engineered with your tough environment in mind.

Our galvanised chain, a versatile non-rated product crafted from low-carbon steel, comes conveniently packaged in a 25kg bucket. It's a perfect solution for tasks like defining boundaries, hanging signage, making temporary repairs, and even securing equipment. Paired with bolts and wire rope, it provides an additional layer of stability, ensuring smooth operations.

Our galvanised D shackles in our range are popular additions to any underground mining tool kit. They're an excellent companion to non-rated chains for safeguarding non-critical items, marking areas, and setting up signage. The 'D' shaped design is easy to identify, and a threaded pin or screw securely connects the shackle ends, enhancing usability and safety.

Our galvanised wire rope is another durable product, consisting of several wire strands twisted together for strength and resilience. Like our Galvanised Chain and Shackles, this non-rated wire rope is ideal for securing non-critical items, marking areas, and displaying signage.

Galvanised Chain is only available in 6mm. The bucket weight is 25kg.
D Shackles are only available in 6mm. A quantity of 250 per bucket. 
Galvanised Wire Rope is only available in 6mm. Available in 500m and 1000m reels.